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تحميل النسخة v0.6.1 المحدثة بتاريخ 2022-06-01 بحجم 52M، هذا التطبيق من تطوير CoolmathGamescom ومتوافق مع هواتف Android 5.0 والأحدث.

لعبة عداء لا نهاية لها بلا إنترنت: تفادي حواجز العوائق وتقدم سريعًا في السباق!Welcome to Dragon rush Elemental runner. In this offline running game you must harness the power of four natural elements to make your dragon go as far as possible. Be careful! The path of the dragon rush is full of obstacles that you must avoid. Identify the blocks that match your dragon’s elemental color, and avoid the blocks of the wrong color. Setting a new high score will be the ultimate test of your attention and speed

How to play Dragon rush - Elemental runner
This fun dragon rush offline game has simple mechanics and is easy to play for people of all ages. Slide your finger left or right to control the movement of your dragon and smash blocks of the right color. If you hit blocks that are not your color, you will take damage and your number of lives will drop. Be careful! The dragon will change color along the way. Quickly identifying the colors will help you run further.

At first the dragon runs at a slow speed, but as you advance along the block-filled path, the animal&39;s speed increases and beating the record becomes more difficult. Will you be able to keep playing as the speed increases To win the offline speed game challenge and beat the record, you&39;d better not get lost

In Dragon Rush elemental runner offline you will find four colored blocks representing the elements of nature
Water: the blue ice blocks along the track
Earth: the green life blocks on the dragon&39;s path
Fire: represented with the red color of lava in the running game
Air: the yellow colored lightning blocks that you will find along the dragon&39;s path

Visualize all the elements of nature on the track, identify the colors that correspond to your dragon, choose the right path and dodge the other colors to win and go far in the race

Throughout this offline running game various power-ups will appear to help you beat your record:
Shield: You won&39;t lose a life if you crash into any block that is not your color.
Coin: Collect all the coins you can to buy all the power ups you want.
Heart: Earn extra lives to avoid losing when you crash into blocks of the wrong color and go as far as possible
Optimal view: Identifying blocks of your color is now easier! Smash through the element of nature blocks that fill your energy
Dragon&39;s breath: Throw fireballs that will turn the blocks to your color
Magnet: Attract all the coins on the track without going for them
Clover: Attention! The dragon path is filled with coins to gather
Collect the power-ups of Dragon rush - Elemental runner to make going a long distance easier and go further!

A great game for the colour blind! When creating this color game we have considered of players of all types.If you have difficulty distinguishing colors or you are colorblind, you can activate the colorblind mode in the game settings. We hope you can enjoy the game and distinguish colors without any problems

If you need to disconnect from everyday life this challenging pastime is an ideal choice. This free color matching game has a gorgeous design, a simple interface and elements that make it an entertaining and unique experience for people of all ages

Run fast and avoid obstacles
Running and speed game
Incredible power-ups to collect
Blocks of nature elements: water, earth, fire and air
Free offline gameplay that can be enjoyed without an internet connection
Fun and entertaining for hours on end!

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