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تحميل النسخة v1.0.2 المحدثة بتاريخ 2022-02-17 بحجم 34M، هذا التطبيق من تطوير S7 Studio ومتوافق مع هواتف Android 4.4 والأحدث.

حركة مقاتلي الشوارع - بطل الكونغ فو وكاراتيه نينجا المدينة. القتال في كومبات.Show you street fighter skills
This is a challenge for fast fingers! If you know an arcane kung fu knowledge and karate martial arts, then you have a small chance to win in this hard fighting game. Fight against kombat skills masters. Use a battle orders and control you player’s units. If you like mk games this is the best way to spend your time. Batman, aquaman, deadpool, kung fu panda is in this 2022 warrior game! Do you think of yourself as a street fighter If say “yes”, then fight against best mk soldiers!

Martial arts, kung fu, karate or mortal combat masteries
Choose the best fighting style! Assassins and amazons use martial arts. Kung fu saves the lives of Asian fight artists. Karate king need a help from you. You must choose what only you like and start wreaking havoc on your enemies. Enter the world of karate kung fu fighting games! Don’t forget using power punch and hero fury.

New age in Karate fighting games 3d!
This is a new action street battle fight. You will need to use unusual and hidden techniques to defeat crowds of enemies. Every time they pinch you use super moves and defeat them. Kung fu games can help you feel faster, stronger and more enduring. Tackle you opponent in our boxing game with non-stop action. We have a lot of mods and skins for you character in 2022! Choose from a different level with various kombat enemies. Try to realistic experience in ultimate warrior.

Epic 3d fighting kung fu style
It’s extraordinary karate king fight game! You will need to find the secret techniques of the dragon and the iron warrior in 2022! The ultimate free fighting game for your phone is now available. In this street fighter game, you can select and modify character. What is needed for this Find a mk champion and combat with him! Show us your powerful skills and don’t make mistakes. Simple solutions are a thing of the past. You will have to try hard to win in this 3d fighting game.

Fu karate fighting games 3D features:
- Kung fu champions
- Karate-do masters
- Skin: Aquaman, deadpool, kung fu panda, mk fighters!
- Secret martial arts techniques
- Kick the boss bonus stage
- True legacy of karate king
- Tag team special lists
- Kombat wrestlers
- Kick boxing gym.

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