Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts
Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts
  Game Circus LLC مجاني
4.5     27,966

Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts

4.5 / 5    27,966
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Android 4.1 +
كلما شاركت أكثر كلما حصلت على نقاط اكثر ستجدها فيما بعد في حسابك ويمكنك الاستفادة منها لترقية حسابك!!

Hunting ghosts could be fun if you play the spookiest coin pusher ever! Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts is easy to play and is filled with the creepiest gifts to fill your undead cabinet. Simply drop coins to collect bonuses and prizes. Be careful not to push coins and spooky gifts off the sides of the graveyard. Special coins appear with magical powers and helpful boosts. Play the new ghost hunt mini game to earn rare treasures.

Join Game Circus’ special Haunted House featuring Dracula Mummy Pharaoh Zombie Frankenstein the Grim Reaper werewolves the walking dead and other legendary monsters!

Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghost features:
- Activate full moon mode to transform prizes into their legendary forms!
- Bust ghosts in the new ghost hunter mini game to win great prizes
- Win spooky collectibles and creepy gifts to fill your undead cabinet and level up!
- Collect puzzle pieces to explore Dracula’s study Frankenstein’s lab and the Witch’s kitchen

Drop gold coins onto the Halloween themed pusher then doze them into a pile and over the edge to collect. Shake the machine to release bats and earn even more coins quickly. Special coins appear and provide you with a helpful boost including the new ghost coins and moon coins! Collect the prize and puzzle piece collectibles that spawn on the machine board to complete prize lines and unlock bonuses! Come back daily to spend your regenerated coins!

Ghosts and ghouls are having a spooky party and you’re invited! Find ghost in our new bonus game the more ghosts you can find the greater your reward! There is mania everywhere as monsters like zombies werewolves vampires and witches are roaming the graveyards until you collect them. But beware stranger things! Rare prizes will appear when the full moon comes out in our new game mode. Use this precious time to collect the legendary monsters such as the grim reaper or wolfman! Join the underground party and play Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts for free!

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أندرويد 4.1 والأحدث
Jul 13 2017
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