Zombie Little
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Zombies!! entitled as cannibals have always remained as the bad guys ever since the existence of video games.
So arent you bored of killing these Zombies?? Dont you feel pity on them??
Time to turn up the heat Time for an ultimate revenge....YEAH!!! you heard it..Its REVENGE...Zombies...Revenge!! Zombie Little is an exhilarating shooter game stuffed with explosive action stunning 3D graphics and refreshing gameplay.Enter a whole new world of Plants holocaust and experience the thrill of different carnivorous plants..RUN!!SHOOT!! KABOOM!!.....This game certainly gives you the most immersive gameplay experience.So get ready to face vicious Mini Mushrooms Gobinators Blitz Flying Calabs Haloween pumpkins etc.ZOMBIE LITTLE STORYThe creepy Plants have invaded Chronia once the land for playful zombies. These plants destroyed the entire city and massacred all the little zombies but one survives the apocalypse.Andy was the lone survivor during this brutal invasion. Andy must exterminate all the Plants in Chronia to compensate for the damage.RICH GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCEExperience the ultimate horrors of a plant holocaust through this third person shooter.
Zombie Little is certainly a fun packed thrill ride of mass destruction with 2 unique gameplay modes.
So keep calm and kill plants or get killed!!CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATIONPassionate about being trendy??? Then checkout some really cool funky outfits for Andy in the store. Unlock some really cool hatsstylish bags and many more apparels.ULTIMATE GRAPHICSStunning 3D game environments and highly detailed crispy characters with creamy animations.
Handcrafted levels and beautifully textured game assets.DAILY CHALLENGESChallenge your gameplay skills and win exciting gifts and more in game currency.EXTEND WITH SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY ​Achievements: Level up by accomplishing achievements.
Leaderboards:Compete with friends to know who is the boss player.
Challenge your facebook friends and boost your gameplay skills.CONTROLS​The implementation of Dual stick controls certainly delivers a joyful and exciting gameplay moments.ZOMBIE LITTLE FEATURESSizzling shooting game with dual stick controls.
A gripping storyline and Refreshing Gameplay.
Stunning Sound Effects.
A wide variety of Deadly Plants.
2 unique gameplay modes.
Handcrafted Levels.
Challenging missions.
Unlock deadly weapons.
Watch Videos to earn rewards.Zombie Little supports wide range of very useful In game purchases.

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