Cell phone tracker
Cell phone tracker
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Cell phone tracker

4.3 / 5    69
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Android 3.0 +
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كلما شاركت أكثر كلما حصلت على نقاط اكثر ستجدها فيما بعد في حسابك ويمكنك الاستفادة منها لترقية حسابك!!

Cell Phone Tracker can help you to find a phone for FREE and give you peace of mind about your loved ones. In addition to monitoring the location of your family members and their phones, this app can even alert you if they arrive at school, work or home. Everything automatically!▌ HOW TO PROTECT PHONES AND FAMILY MEMBERS?1) First, download and install Cell Phone Tracker app to your own handset2) Second you need invite your family members to join to your private family network3) And... Once they accepted your invitation and installed the app in their devices, the app begins monitoring them. Now you can track their phones and be sure they are protected by our family safety service.Note: this is NOT A SPY SOFTWARE. The user must have full knowledge that this app is installed and running on their device. So he/she must agree that is being monitored. This is a family safety service designed for parents and keep always visible for the user. Our mission is help parents to take care of their loved ones.▌ APP FEATURES★ Phone location - Check the current location and also the location history for all smartphones of your family. ★ Geofence Alerts (places) - Receive alerts when your family members arrive at school or at home.★ Text Message (SMS) Alerts - Receive automatic alerts if your kids are receiving or sending any text messages with undesirable words or terms.New accounts are elegible for a 7-day trial of Premium Version. After that, you can keep using the FREE version with some limitations or upgrade to PREMIUM version to enhance your peace of mind.▌ EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM BENEFITSPremium users are able to install Cell Phone Tracker up to 5 mobile handsets. Become a Premium user today and get unlimited access to location history and current location, places alerts, over speed alerts, text message (SMS) alerts, family messenger, Panic Button and have priority support.▌ A FAMILY MEMBER LOST HIS PHONE?No problem. You can view and track the location of a lost phone on the map, even if the GPS is not connected. You'll have an answer in minutes using our cell phone locator. It`s a phone tracker pro made for you and your family!▌ FEEDBACKS FROM USERS"Awesome. It told me were my phone was when I lost it so I could find it". Sophie bg"Cool app Great app everyone should use it to keep track of the kids". Bradley Cockrill"It's good for the protection of my family". Nav sharma"Awesome technology. Really nice.today I am greatfull to this software because I got back my lost handset". manish Singh adhikari▌ CONTACT SUPPORTIf you have a question about the app, contact our support team at

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Nov 18 2014
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