Ivideon Video Surveillance
Ivideon Video Surveillance
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Ivideon Video Surveillance

4.3 / 5    69
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Android 2.1 +
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This application is a mobile client for Ivideon — leading cloud-based video surveillance web service.It allows you to gain access to your surveillance cameras over the Internet. It&39;s an IP camera viewer, webcam viewer in one hand.Most existing surveillance solutions require at least some degree of expert knowledge and experience to set up. We, on the other hand, try to make Ivideon as user-friendly as possible. No special knowledge is required, you don&39;t need to know anything about hardware and networking technicalities. Just install Ivideon Server and connect your cameras — our service will take care of everything else.Quick access to live video feeds and video archive, sound recording, motion detection, all the features you would expect from an expensive professional video surveillance system — you name it, it&39;s there.With Ivideon you will be able to build your own video surveillance system in less than 10 minutes — and see what is happening in your office or at home over the Internet. A webcam or IP camera, a free application called Ivideon Server, an account at www.ivideon.com — and you&39;re set.Ivideon lets you access your live video feeds and surveillance archive using Windows, Linux or Mac OS X desktop applications, mobile clients for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad — or just a web browser.It&39;s not just an ordinary video monitoring app. It&39;s a powerful video surveillance and security solution you are able to use anywhere. Other Ivideon features include (but are not limited to):— Professional video monitoring;— Mark your surveillance cameras on Google Maps;— Share access to your cameras with your employees or friends;— Embed live video feed from your camera into your blog or website;— Utilize motion detection to record events instead of empty rooms;— Baby or nanny remote monitor;— Axis, D-Link, Hikvision, Dahua, Microdigital, Foscam, Easy-N, Acti, Edimax, TP-Link,Trendnet, Panasonic, Sony, Apexis, Airbeam, Logitech, Genius and many other cameras are supported;— Do lots of other things no other video surveillance system can give you.If you are looking for spy cam, streaming, video monitor, pet monitor, video broadcasting, nanny camera, dropcam, mydlink, smartcam, ipcam or webcam Ivideon helps you to get all these features.

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Mar 13 2014
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* Motion notifications. You can enable notifications in the "My Services" tab of your account management page: الرابط


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