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Download Super Cartoon Survival Game للاندرويد

تحميل APK Super Cartoon Survival Game الاصدارة المجانية Free Download الحجم 22,8MB تنزيل v1.07 المحدثة بتاريخ 2017-04-17، هذه اللعبة من تطوير Cowbeans ومتوافق مع هواتف Android 4.0.3 والأحدث .

What would you do with a crafted pick axe an axe and a weapon in Cartoon Survival Adventure!

Gather materials craft fight and become the worlds best Cartoon Survivor and Adventurer!
Craft your cartoon hero from a noob to a legendary warrior who will lead others into battle!

In Cartoon Survival you will need crafting skills gathering skills fighting skills adventuring skills and a bit of charm.
Adventure solo or survive together with friends online or with other Cartoon Survivors in the network.

Hatch cartoon monsters and take them as pets in your travels! So much cartoon to discover and craft!

- multiplayer with with other cartoon survivors on the cartoon network
- cartoon characters with lots of items to discover
- explore different maps with all sorts of awaiting danger

The game is meant to be hard. You will need to figure a lot of things out but there are QUESTS that provides rewards that teaches you mechanics of the game.
- Complete book of survival quest
- Complete Miffies quest
- Complete Greens quest

Chest Tips:
Silver Chest - Most items loot chance base on item rarity
Golden Chest - Most equipment and cards loot chance base on item rarity
Master Chest - Most equipment and cards equal loot chance

Combination Tips:
Combining different items together can create a whole new item. If there is a recipe you will see the product item. If there is nothing to be made it will say Unknown. Every recipe will have a success combination rate. To increase the rate of success you can add a scroll of combination ( 35%) or combine from the Combination Books ( 50%).
New recipes will be added to Combination Books from time to time.

Remember to quit / leave game with the in game buttons to properly save your items.

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يمكنك تحميل Super Cartoon Survival Game APK v1.07 لـ Android مجاناً Free Download الآن من سوق الاندرويد العربي.


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